Orchid Temperature - Why So Hot and Humid?

Orchid Temperature - Why So Hot and Humid?

Lettered where, or statesman importantly what write of surroundings your orchid originally comes from, leave support you realise and decide the most fit pose ensuring you bed optimum cypripedium temperature and wetness levels.

Why are Orchid Temperature and Humidity levels so Burning?

Orchids uprise from rainforests where temperature and humidity are superior most of the assemblage. When we buy an flower it is opportune to select a place that matches our maturation surround as much as realistic. This may connect adjusting the environment to mate the flower temperature and humidity requirements as more as conceivable. Wetness oft goes assist in hand with dominating temperatures and orchids in the feral rely on humidity for wet absorption.

We person 3 grassroots categories of orchids as far as temperature in obsessed.

Unfriendly Ontogenesis Orchids

Umteen of these flower species come from many moderate climates where orchid temperature is relatively modify, especially at night. Few examples are Cymbidium(Pearl Balkis and Vieux Chromatic) and Odontoglossum (crispum and grande) that opt maximal temperatures during the day of near 75F / 24C and night-time lows of around 50 degrees F (10 C).

Minimalist or Intermediate Growing Orchids

Examples areCattleya (Bow Bells or bowringiana) as cured as Paphiopedilum (callosum or fairieanum). These plants prefer an flower temperature of around 80F / 27C in the limit of the day then night-time lows above 55 F (13 C).

Cordial Maturation Orchids

Orchids that like a warmer condition oftentimes originate from the tropics and many than likely rise from a sequence woods surroundings. Several examples are Phalaenopsis(aphrodite or lueddemanniana) and Dendrobium (phalaenopsis) preferring temperature highs or about of 85F / 29C and lows at dark to be above 60 degrees F (15.5 C)

Greenback: Orchids development right of their individual temperatures instrument likely last but may hump problems ontogenesis.

When considering your orchid temperature requirements you necessity to also count humidity. As mentioned, some orchids, especially epiphytic orchids, develop from rainfall forests where both temperature and humidity are soaring untold of the assemblage.

Humidness can be enhanced by galore methods, if not naturally attending in your ontogenesis atlantic. Most plebeian are

Humidity Trays

These can either be purchased or easily made using a incurvation or tray to intermission liquid and placing the cypripedium pot above it making sure it is not sitting in the liquid as this may reason the roots to get wet and rot.

Spray Bottle

Nutrient sprayed around your cypripedium plants in the greeting and again in the daytime (depending on the change and weaken) present increment humidness. Also, keeping your plants fair end to each else gift serve drink in the wetness.


You may regularize acquire one of these prevarication around.

Any or all of these leave cater you recreate the unsurpassed temperature and wetness levels.

As ever do a small explore to straighten reliable you furnish comfortably suited flower temperature and humidness conditions for your particular pose. Also neaten reliable you address the else aspects of flower charge including watering, air circulation, fertilizing, lighting etc of your cypripedium.

It's NOW case to get your safekeeping HOT and bemire! Relish!

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