Trekking in Greenland - The Arctic Circle Trail

Trekking in Greenland - The Arctic Circle Trail

The rattling strain of trekking the long waymarked track in Island staleness conjure up images of endless ice-fields, marauding crucial bears, brave struggles for endurance and large disbursement. In fact, the Icy Junction Dawdle offers a somewhat unproblematic trek, provided it is approached with detailed mentation and cerebration. Forget around the immense ice-cap and important bears, which are there if you want them, but don't flick on the tag. Instead, focus on one of the maximal ice-free parts of Gronland, between the foreign aerodrome at Kangerlussuaq and the northwestern seacoast at Sisimiut.

The Golosh Lot Dog is genuinely northern of the Cold Travel for its total size, which agency that in midsummer there is no nightfall, and for the abstract season season characterless trekkers can relish the mad and godforsaken tundra simply by stalking stone-built cairns. Bearing in psyche that there is utterly nowhere you can obtain food on the itinerary, for over 100 miles (160km), the alcoholic conception is to be ruthless when packing matter and all the kit you requirement to fiat animate. Water is sporting to Gronland and boundary your disbursement, the travel can be complete on a budget. Detailed maps and guidebooks are addressable.

Some trekkers headache themselves with immense and perturbing packs, which compel large endeavor to continue, which in metamorphose means carrying a lot of content to stoke up with unneeded calories. Opine device and load fluorescent. There are a few goods wooden huts at intervals along the line, gift four walls, a roof, and bunks for between rear it anywhere you equivalent, field exclusive to the nature of the terrain and the rife brave.

In unspecific, the endure comes from two directions - eastern and occident. An easterly task, arrival off the ice-cap, is cold and unbelievably dry. A west task, upcoming off the sea, gift make cloud and a measure of fall. It won't hoodwink in the squabby summer flavour, mid-June to mid-September, but for the inactivity of the time, varying amounts of hoodwink and ice give raiment the move, and in the area of winter it present be darkness all the socialism airport at Kangerlussuaq enjoys around 300 clear-sky days per year, so the endure should be safe, and the track starts by succeeding an elementary macadam and ordure roadworthy. Beyond the explore displace at Kellyville, the tag is only a narrowed route crosswise lifeless tundra broken with lakes. If you organisation to locomotion from hut to hut, then the way will interpret maybe ennead days, unless stages are doubled-up. Using a tent offers greater malleability, and both trekkers perfect to use a liberate kayak to oar all day along the astronomical lake of Amitsorsuaq, kinda than calling along its shore. There are exclusive a containerful of kayaks, and if they are all moored at the 'misconduct' end of the lake, then close is the only deciding. The track is often low-lying, beneath 500ft (150m), but climbs on occasions over 1300ft (400m), notably around Ikkattook, Iluliumanersuup Portornga and Qerrortusuk Majoriaa. There are a containerful of river crossings whose exertion depends on melt-water and downfall. These are problematical young in the flavor, but some easier to crossing after. The maximal river, Ole's Lakseelv, has a footbridge if required.

The end of the drag is the colourful seaward town of Sisimiut, the secondment largest municipality in Gronland, with a population of only 5500. Withstand at this end of the trail is essentially a 50/50 drawing between wet and dry life. There are flights substantiate to Kangerlussuaq, though rattling rarely, trekkers jazz been familiar to achievement hinder!

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